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23 September 2013

It's a Boy!

I guess I left y'all high and dry on the little old blog.

Meet Charlie! This was back in July so things have obviously changed. We have another 3d/4d scheduled on October 4.

We have also been blogging at http://theclatybaby.blogspot.com/ instead of here... so catch us there for the time being. We didn't want to bore you with the baby stuff.

09 May 2013

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine

As I have mentioned before I'm a member of the review website Crowdtap. I love Crowdtap because they allow you to earn points to trade in for donations to organizations to the ASPCA just by participating in quick hits and random review parties. I recently participated in the  Cottonelle Clean Crew and received this awesome Cottonelle Clean Care party kit that included:

  • One 18pk Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper
  • Two 4pks of Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper
  • Three tubs of Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes
I gave the two 4pks and two of the Flushable Wipes tubs to friends to try out. Even though I love to save money and stay on budget I refuse to buy the cheapest toilet paper on the shelf. Cottonelle has always helped to keep me on budget because the toilet paper is quality, soft and affordable (plus there are always coupons in the paper). I loved adding the flushable wipes into the routine, because it great to feel extra clean after using the restroom.
My friends enjoyed the product, as well, but the men in their lives couldn't tell a difference between the old stuff and the Cottonelle. Men are weird. How can you not tell the difference between sand paper and soft paper?

*If it wasn't obvious earlier, I was sent all this stuff from crowdtap to review for free. All these opinions are my own and I love Cottonelle.

09 January 2013

26 at 26: Update 3

*I actually scheduled this so I have no idea why it didn't post yesterday...*

Three months ago I posted 26 things I wanted to do in my 26th year and told you I would update once a month to hold myself accountable. Here are the things I have done in the first three months:

1. Read 26 books (4/26: Sh*t My Dad Says, Dune Road, Bared to You, Reflections in You [last two are borderline p*rn like 50 shades])
2. Cook 26 new recipes (3/26: Corn Chowder, grape salad, snickers pie )
3. Perform 26 Random Acts of Kindness (8/26: bought our pumpkin at the auction and gave it to someone, mailed a baby gift to a friend, sent a small thank you gift to our family photographer, Christmas gifts for a family in need, annual puppy gift to CAS, Seafarers Boxes, rescued a dog, helped coworker wrap all her presents )
4. Update my recipe file with favorites and family recipes
5. Design and have our wedding album made
6. Go on a fishing charter
7. Visit 3 historical sites in Charleston
8. Go camping
9. Paint downstairs and the stairwell
10. Lose 15 pounds (probably would have helped if I weighed myself first, but clothes are fitting loser!)
11. Run in the Color Me Rad (used to be the Bridge Run, but I can't train since I tore a ligament.)
12. Go on a picnic
13. Try ten new restaurants (7/10: Mosaic, Red Robin, Liberty Tap Room, El Poblano, Saffron, Queen Anne's Revenge, Bushidos)
14. Start couponing again
15. Purge at least 10 boxes or bags from our house
16. Develop a cleaning schedule that works for our house
17. Go on a weekend trip somewhere Clay and I have never been
18. Make a family birthday/anniversary calendar
19. Take a class (Fear No Easel painting class)
20. Go on a family vacation
21. Clear coat the wedding guest bench
22. Build the Young Adults program at church (working on it)
23. Repaint coffee table and end table
24. Pay off credit card
25. Go to a concert (Corey Smith at the Coastal Carolina Fair)
26. Organize file cabinet
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